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Trailtech Voyager Installation 06

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Have a CRF450X 06 and was after some advice in regards to the temperature sensor installation. On youtube they show a pretty detailed video of an R model installation but this is different to the X, as the X has two hoses off the water pump where as the R has one hose split further up with a plastic Y connector. Probably isn't a big deal but was wondering does it matter putting the sensor in a line that goes to one side of the radiator instead of the common line that is on the R. I was thinking of putting it in the hose that goes to the top of the RHS radiator. Probably doesn't matter as the temperature should be virtually the same in the complete cooling circuit. The other thing I was wondering is about the direction of which way the water is pumped. I'm guessing that it pumps to the top of the radiator and then drains back to the pump. Can someone confirm which way the coolant runs.





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