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2001 DRZ 400K Jetting help needed

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I have searched for a long time to try and find information on the the carb jetting for my set up.  I have always used the JD kits, so the current needle has me questioning the set up.


I ride at 6000' to 9000'

The carb came with 165 main (seems large to me)

45 Pilot

It has yoshi exhaust

Of course open air box

OBDXP needle clip four


The bike starts so easily, but idles super low with choke off and dies.  I have adjusted the idle screw almost all the way out and still no change in idle speed.change


I was planning on removing the coast enricher set up, but do I need to leave the hot start button?


I am installing and aftermarket adjustable fuel screw, but I am unsure about the jetting.


Any suggestions?  Thanks as always.

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