hard to find neutral when stoped

the bike is a yz400f when im out riding and come to a stop in either first or second its almost impossible to get into neutral while its still running. now if im rolling itll go into neutral just fine or if the bikes not running itll go into neutral easy too. is it suppsed to be like this? the clutch engages about halfway through the lever pull if that matters.

as far as I know this is normal, if things aren't aligned just right when you come to a stop, it won't want to click into neutral.  Every motorcycle I have ever ridden, when you're sitting still, 75% of the time you have to roll the bike forward or back a couple inches as you're lifting the lever to go from 1st to neutral.  If you try to shift into neutral & the shift lever won't lift from 1st to neutral, try rolling back or forward just a little, & then it should click right in.  If not, there may be a problem...

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The problem is normal to an extent, but it is a result of clutch drag (clutch not releasing completely enough when the lever is pulled).  Often, this is a simple matter of there being too much free play in the clutch cable (should be 3-5mm, but never less than 3), or occasionally, the lever itself may be bent to where you can't get an adequate amount of travel from it.  Beyond that, the usual solution is to replace the clutch plates.  Other things that will lead to this are deep notching of the basket or boss by the plates, unevenly sagged clutch springs, or something that physically interferes with the pressure plate lifting off the stack.

well i adjusted the cable with less free play well see how that does. when i bought the bike the previous owner said he did the clutch not too long ago. now when you say free play does that mean the lever will move a little and the part down on the tranny not move at all? or is it the amount the lever moves before you feel the pressure of the clutch? when i first got the bike the clutch engaged when the lever was pulled almost all the way to the grip. i tightened it up so now the clutch engages more towards the middle of the pull.

Free travel is the travel in the lever before you feel the resistance from the clutch.

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