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2009 SXF250 high hanging idle

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I recently bought an 09 SXF250 that had dropped a valve. I bought a used head, replaced the crankshaft and bearings, and installed an Athena 280 big bore. I fired it up for the first time this evening and it idles fine but as soon as you open the throttle even a bit it revs up to an extremely high idle and stays there. It seems like the throttle cable is sticking but the throttle tube returns to its closed position easily and quickly. If you quickly hit the kill switch it settles down to a normal idle speed. I pulled the hot start lever while it was idling high to see if leaning out the pilot would have any effect but it didn't. I was expecting to have to adjust the jetting for the big bore, but this has me a little confused? Anyone have any thoughts on this problem?

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