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PLEASE help carb issue need help

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Hello thumpertalk, yesterday I started a thread about my 1987 suzuki dr125 I had a problem with gas leaking out the overflow tube, someone said to clean the carb. I tried this and it stopped the leaking but started another problem. The bike won't run without the choke and with the choke on it will idle very high, I tried turning down the idle screw and almost unscrewed it, nothing helped. So I turned the bike off. Please help me I would greatly appreciate it.

-dirtbikepolo aka josh

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Remove the pilot jet

Notice the size

Throw it away

Buy a new one

Clear the passage above the pilot jet with fishing line and spray cleaner

Install new jet

Open gas tank

Point a flashlight inside

Look for debris

If there is any, put  in a line fuel filter

Treat your gas with PRI-G or Stabil for Ethanol 

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