Yz426 refuses to start, it has fire,gas,&compression

I have a 00 YZ426f that refuses to start. Last time I rode the bike it worked fine, I loaded in the truck and went home..... Since then it won't start. Usually the kick start will travel completely to the foot peg, but now stops 2 or 3 inches higher as if something was binding the motor....inspected plug, has fire, carb is throwing gas like its supposed to... I took of head to inspect valves, valve function... Seems perfect. With head off kickstart travels right to the foot peg as normal.... Piston rings and crank operation seem flawless....

Upon reassembly, ensured timing is right(as per manual) but same thing, won't start, won't make an exhaust sound, kickstart will NOT travel full range of motion again, still stopping short 3 inches from foot peg.....

PLEASE help! Any comments/thoughts are welcome.

well it seems like you covered all the bases. does it have good compression?

I would remove the plug, kick over a bunch of times then install a new plug

Plug was changed first thing...... Yeah compression is good, too good. Seems that unless decomp is pressed, the kickstart doesn't travel right to the foot peg. What I'm wondering is if the CDI was acting up and the bike isn't firing when is should and the unburned gas vapours creating too much pressure to kick completely over?!?!?!

Soooooo frustrating....

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