new tires ! the 70/30 perilli arent working in mud and sand

so when I got my bike I put the 70 30 perilli tires on there .they are great for the road but not good in dirt mud ect. I was wondering what is the best/ strongest tire I can possible get with the knobs to grib great. im not looking for street tires, im looking for tires that come on the bike if not them something better.

help! nick

What model tire are you talking about

Most of the tires marketed as dual sport tires don't work at all in sand and mud.   My favorite tire for the last few years has been the Kenda 760 Trackmaster on the rear.  I have two front wheels for my 450EXC.  My hard terrain/rock/asphalt set-up is a Pirelli XCMH front.  I use a Pirelli MXMS on the other front wheel for soft terrain.   Been running these two combos for the last few years. I ride 80 - 90% offroad.

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