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May purchase 2006 DRZ400S Need Advice Please

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I had a look at a bike yesterday with 16 000 km's on it and it seemed solid.  I have some questions about checks to do on the bike.  I haven't ridden it yet, just a start up as it wasn't insured.  I'm returning tomorrow once it's insured and taking it for a test drive.  Unfortunately it has no service records, so that is a definite concern. 


So far:


- started fine, no smoke at pipe

- no oil or wet spots anywhere on engine

- no scratches on stanctions or seal leaks

- no apparent valve clatter while idling

- the chain tensioner was at 6 out of 7...7 being the longest position...so pretty much done

- the rear cog did not have hooked or worn teeth

- no play in headset up front

- no stiff links in chain

- clean air filter

- no missing or loose spokes


Please let me know what else I should check when I go back to ride it.  Thanks! BTW I forgot to check the oil...duh!

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Check the wheel bearings and swing arm bearings to make sure that they are solid.  Ask the owner if they are familiar with TT and if they have done any of the preventative maintenance mods (ie. loc-tite fixes, etc.), standard mods (3x3, jet kit, etc.), or any other mods that maybe you can't directly see.

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