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trouble in tuning and starting a KTM 500 exc with a motec m84 ECU

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I am using a 2012 KTM 500 exc engine and using a Motec M84 ECU with it.
But I am unable to get it started with the ECU. frown.gif
I have cross checked the wiring diagram according to Motec user manual. I have calibrated all the sensors according to the custom calibration settings in the input setup and sensor setup settings. Also checked the position sensors for crankshaft and camshaft. I have calculated a fuel map for it and I am setting the ignition timing also.
The trouble is in starting it. The engine cranks, shows an rpm reading but even when the rpm exceeds 500( crank to run mode rpm in motec), engine does not get started and it just stops when I remove the battery.
Another trouble that I am facing is that the Engine has very loud backfires and afterfires but they occur randomly. That is the engine attemps to start at one time and then with the same engine map it has a violent afterfire or sometimes even a backfire. The backfires and afterfires occur randomly and are never predictable.
The engine does not knock though.

Any help would be appreciated .

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