Blowing Oil

Since I have a skid plate on my bike ('01 WR426) the vent line that come off of the top of the engine ends right on top of the skid plate and accumulates oil on every ride. When I park the bike I wind up with a small (2 inch) puddle of oil under the bike.

Is this normal????

Thanks for your help.

Normal to vent and blow some oil but you should not get that much. Are you overfilling the oil capacity? Drops should vent but not pool. :)

I've got a plate also. Really don't see ANY oil while riding. I will see small amounts during wash up. Supose the water is getting up into the hose and draining it out then?

If I were to see any more I would suspect cylinder/ring wear and additional blow by of the piston thereby increasing crankcase pressures and blowing out more oil. I would suggest a compression and leakdown test. Not saying you have a problem by any means but I'm with INDY in that a pool is bit much.

Thanks for the input guys. I'll do a compression check as soon as I'm able. Your logic about increased crank crase pressure makes sence to me.

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