header pipe turns orange hot this normal?

i just got a 98 yz400 i rode it for about 20mins and the header pipe gets so hot it turns orange is this normal if not do u know whats wrong

much thanks


Nothing is wrong icemann, this is very normal in these bikes, 400 and 426 turns orange and glow in the dark, so don't let the bike idling a lot, these bike really needs fresh air all the time, nothing is wrong with your bike, is a common symptom in these kind of monster bikes ! :)

It's normal for the header to get really hot. If you run the bike when it's dark you can really see it glow.

form wot i can tell guys this is pretty normal my 2000 426 does this as well i thought it was pretty cool the frist time it happened but my bike runs great so im happy with it

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