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Loosening up and foot position

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so I know this has been a problem with me for a while I just cant seem to figure out what the heck to do to change it. For over a year now everyone that watches me ride mentions that I look quick but when I ride I am stiff as a statue, I just cant figure out what to do differently.    On top of this everyone notices my foot is always resting on the pegs on the middle of my foot in straights as opposed to on my toes. I've tried the bigfoot pegs to help me have more of a range to stand on, but I always feel uncomfortable, out of control and my foot slips when I do this.   Not sure if these two are related,  what can I do to improve this and loosen up ,  different boots? I dont know  I'm so frustrated by this I just want to get over this I am so tired of hearing about it and just want to get over it.  

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