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Sooooo....No ATF type F in four strokes?

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Just getting the new (2004) sorted out.

Suspension rebuilt by the local pro shop.

Bearings gone through by me.

First oil change done.

Road it a bunch and having fun with my 4t.

Clutch drags a bit.  Thought now that I have it running, I'd change the tranny fluid to see if that helps.

But....there is no seperate tranny fluid?  The Yamalube 4t oil I changed lubes the motor and the wet clutch pack?


Always been a 2t guy and always used ATF type F.


But, while at work here, I started thinking.

Will read the manual more this eve, but thought to ask here.



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Makes sense in how dilagent we have to be to change the oil in 4stroke machines.

That oil is around the crank and under piston and up by valves....and also getting scorched in the clutch.


On the 2t, the oil is only for the clutch.    ATF-F worked best for me there.


But, on my new 4t 250YZF, only one quart (+/-) doesnt seem like a lot of oil to do all that work.


On my 2t KX250, oil is just for the clutch and it took almost a quart.


Going to mess with the clutch pull adjustments some more and see if that helps to dissengage it all the way.  Only seems to be when hot does it drag a bit when pulled in.

Might have a notchy basket or worn plates or something.  Then again, I just put on a set of ASV levers/perches and they are different.  No "slop" in the lever pivot like a cable.  Those we could feel and see where a nickel thickness of play was right.  Since the AVS set up has a spring on it, there is never any "slop" to the lever.

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shell rotella triple protection 15w40


or rotella t6 synthetic, both great for the motor but are still jaso ma rated for wet clutch use. i used this stuff in everyting, crf yzf, rmz, rm cr. I suggest the 5 gallon pale of it at walmart for 75$

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