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Future rmz owner

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Hey guys first post and topic on TT so be kind ! Haha

I'm jack , from Scotland uk

1/3 of the way through my bike test as I'm looking to get out and about on something more enjoyable than my x5 as I have a strong need for speed and I turned my daily car (focus Rs) into a track only car so figure a bike is a nice way to go about it !

Iv been on a few super bikes and I know it would end in tears , so I figured a crosser would be a good way to go

I had a shot of a rmz450 (2009 model) and fell in love , I plan to make one in to a super moto , seen some road kits out there

Any one able to tell me though what they are like on the road?

When geared how are they sitting at 70mph? Not screaming there head off are they?

Engine reliability ? I havnt heard much in the way of bad things about them? Any known issues?

Also oil changes ? As a road bike 6 - 10

Hours is easy to clock up in 1 day , do you really need to drop the oil that soon for road riding or is it just racing that requires frequent changes ?

Sorry for all the questions , but would like to know the full ins and outs before the fun bike becomes another money pit like the race car haha

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I raced supermoto on a 2006 and a 2012 RMZ 450. Supermoto is really hard on engines since they're revving like crazy all the time and all the clutch slipping. So I was changing oil every three engine or four engine hours. I don't know how much you weigh but you're going to have to at least go up in the forks springs since there is so much braking force on the front end's in supermoto. Stock MX suspension can work in Supermoto, just go up in compression and slow the rebound way down.


Yeah, they're screaming at 70mph. If you gear it up then you're probably going to have to mod the engine to make up for the lost torque.


I put about 35 engine supermoto hours and never had an issue with my 12.


Supermoto is almost dead in the US. It just doesn't have the support like it does in Europe. I could never figure out why since it is the cheapest form of road racing!?!

So I had to switch to a different form of bike racing...I miss it.


Supermoto may come back in the US, I guess it will take time.

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