laid down my WR in some sand, now the electric start won't work

a couple of weeks ago I was riding my 2004 WR450F in Moab, through sand, water, and river rocks... hit a patch of deep sand, and the wheels came out from under me, and the bike hit a rock.  The only visible damage was the front fender got bent and cracked, but ever since then, the electric start doesn't work.  It doesn't do anything.  The red light on the power button doesn't light up either when it's turned on.  I don't know if it's a related issue or not, but kick starting the bike is more difficult too (ie. it takes a lot more kicks to get it started).


I just wanted to see if this is something anyone else has dealt with before, that can save me some time trouble shooting.



Thanks in advance!



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Have you checked the battery terminals? Could have knocked them loose? Check your electrical plugs also they could have cracked from impact. Sorry if these suggestions are too obvious I always try to try the easy stuff first

Checked your fuses? You need to do some exploring. Take off the seat and look at what you got, also check the ground.

Clutch override splice

Will it start in neutral?

Kill button short

Clutch override splice

Will it start in neutral?

Kill button short


These would have the same effect on electric and kick starting. It won't start with the button but will with the kicker, just more difficult.






Definitely sounds like an electrical issue, but you have narrowed it down to something that would only keep the button from working.

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Thanks for the great advice and suggestions, I am happy to report that it was in fact just a fuse (although in my exploritory routine, I noticed that I also smashed my flasher relay to pieces as well).

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