New to me 2006 yz450f, couple questions.

Hello all, I just picked up a 2006 yz450f the other day for $2100 which is cheap in my opinion but it needs some things. My last crf450r I believe had a sight glass for checking oil level. This bike doesnt and has just a fill plug with no dipstick so in my thinking there is no way to check the level aside from knowing how much you pour in when you change it. The reason I ask is because I noticed the bike having a good amount of oil come out from either the front sprocket or shifter lever and I wanted to make sure it wasnt ran dry. Its hard to tell until I tear into it where the leak is coming from. So my question is should the bike have a dipstick on the oil fill plug? And also is it pretty straight forward replacing the seals at the front sprocket area and/or the shifter lever? Thanks in advance!

There is a dipstick. Left side front of the motor. It is a small plastic knob. Make sure the bike is all warmed up before you check the level. I really like my 06. I have only ridden it twice though

Those seals are simple fixes on most models

Thanks for the responses and yep sure enough there it was, I didnt know what that was originally and thankfully the oil level is right where it should be. 


Yeah hopefully, I guess I will tear into it when I get back from college. I dont have much for tools or work area up here at school.

You need to read a couple of things about the oil system on the bike, as it is much different than the CRF.  For one thing, it's a dry sump system and shares engine oil with the transmission.


Then get a manual:

Thanks alot grayracer! Im glad I read all of that before attempting to change the oil. That's awesome that they have free downloadable manuals as well, I was planning on buying one.

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