First symptom was not going into 2nd, kept hitting neutral. Got worse within a couple of miles. couldn't hit third from second smoothly either. Now bike is stuck in gear, cannot get neutral. My clutch was grabbing pretty high so I thought this possibly had something to do with it. I put a Yamaha clutch in and it had no effect. The bike barely rolls with the clutch in have to push really hard. thinking about pulling the shifter shaft out as a starting point. Any ideas?

A cold clutch will drag badly on these bikes, unless you modify it.

More than likely, you have a bent shift fork or cracked shift drum, if the bike runs in it's stuck gear, and is quiet.

Pull off the cover and take a look.

thanks KA.  Hopefully that's all it is, plan on pulling the cover tonight. When you say modify the clutch do you mean the washer inside the clutch spring? If it is the fork or drum, do you know if I have to split the case?

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You can get (2) thinner plates or use the washer.

I pulled the motor thinking I had to split the left case to get to the shifter mechanism, NOT. The shifter mechanism is behind the clutch basket on the right side! I don't see any damage at all. With the basket out I still cannot shift to any gear or catch neutral. Should I be able to switch gears without the clutch assembly? Seems like I'm in first and the shifter only responds to downward motion. No neutral, nothing above 1st gear. Any ideas.

wr450 engine 019.JPG

Dropped my motor of at WheelSport in New Rochelle after my local Yamaha dealer said there was no possibility of  working on my shift issue. Booked and under staffed.  Got a call from Carlos the service manager at wheelsport hours later to come pick it up,FIXED. He didn't elaborate but when I pick it up Monday I'll post the details. Now that's service!!!

It was a spring behind the gear shift tumbler.It actually broke. No need to split the case. $8.00 part.

wr450 <a href='https://thumpertalk.com/link/click/4483/' rel='nofollow' data-ipsHover-target='https://thumpertalk.com/index.php?app=autolink&module=links&controller=content&id=4483' data-ipsHover target='_blank' data-autoLink>shifter.</a>jpg

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