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my 2012 wr250r supermoto back to dual sport

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 I decided to go back to an wrr I thought the wr was pretty good on the road but it is absolutely amazing off road, power wheelies in 2nd and just rips, tire never stops spinning!! but MOTHER BUCKER it just about about bucked/pogo'd me right off on my first jump PLEASE any suggestions on how to fix that without having to send off to go race I would appreciate it.


Just mounted my new rear d606 and pirelli xcmh front to the new warp 9's that came in today, used rim locks this time, (motion pro litelocs) which I did not use on my crf warp 9 wheels, made mounting them a little more difficult and now im trying balance them because they have a slight hop(edit:finally got them smoothed out). So for now I guess no more super moto! like I said it seems like the bike rips even more now must be the lighter tires/wheels and maybe the new sprocket(49 tooth) power wheelies easy in 2nd used to have to clutch up in second.

GPS'd it got up to 73 and plenty more to go just didn't want to push my luck. Couple of before and afters, sorry about the quality didn't realize how crappy they came out. wife thinks it looks cooler with dirt tire on it, thats a plus I suppose!










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thank you, yes I agree not my first black off road bike, but I actually have a whole other set of graphics the ones I have are pretty tough and take scratches well and pretty much have full coverage of the plastics, I figure once I go through both sets of graphics I will just get all while plastics like my honda crf

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