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Get stock lcd speedo working again?

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We have a problem with dads bike and are wondering if you can help? Its an 06 CRF450X. I went for a ride on it 4 months ago the bike ran good but the LCD display with the speed and tacho would cut out like it wasnt getting power, and then later turn on and then off and it was all a bit weird. I'm pretty sure the red ignition light was also playing up.

Then I went away and the bike wasnt used for approx 4 months and when I started it it would idle but it wouldnt rev properly. The LCD screen wont display anything (not intermittent, it just didnt work) and when it was running the red ignition light seemed to be flashing on and off very rapidly. We replaced the coil and battery (totally collapsed!) and now it runs great, but the lcd speedo doesnt work.

We're not interested in upgrading to another one even though the stock one sucks and we just want to get it working if possible.


-with the ignition off



-with the ignition on




 Where should we start?



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Like CRF450XINOZ stated, they are junk. I would not think you will be able to fix it.

They are not waterproof and I would say that is problem, something is damaged and the cost of fixing it would probably be the same as the vapour.

Got a link for him CRF450XINOZ to one on eBay?

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