WR400 clutch interchangeability question

Can any of you WR gurus tell me if I can use a WR/YZ 426/450/250 clutch basket in my 98' WR400 (newly rebuilt as a 426)?

I broke a finger off my basket while trying to torque it up without the special tool (too impatient to wait).

I found another one on ebay and it arrived today with the end of a finger broken off! Arrrrrrghhhhh!

The seller tells me he has a WR250 basket I can have if it fits. I have done part number searches and they are very similar across all models and years (between 98 and 03 anyway.

If any of you gents knows for sure, I would love to hear from you!

Hi ... I'm not to far away in NZ , I've been in a similar situation but only because I wanted a Dyna-ring auto clutch to work on my 400 , Here's a few things I've found and done .

The part number on the 400 clutch also checks out as the XT600 clutch.

You can fit a 426-450 clutch to the 400 but you also need the complete right hand clutch cover casing (bigger clutch=bigger casing) and you need the primary drive lock nut (end of crank) from a 450 as it is stepped to clear the clutch basket.


Hope this helps

hey YZF Shifter,

Thanks for sharing your knowedge.  When you say bigger, are you talking about finger length being longer for the extra plates? Or is it wider across? Or both?

I have found a (supposedly) good 426 basket locally and will go and have a look at it tomorrow after work.  Have also been offered a complete wr250 clutch?  I wish I wasn't in a hurry but im preparing to ride the finke enduro in 6 weeks time and haven't had a minute in the saddle for months.  I'm getting a little nervous and just want to get some k's on the bike and myself, not to mention, it's my first home done rebuild and i'm keen to see how my wrench work turns out!

Cheers for your input,


The 426-450 clutch is bigger in diameter than the 400 and thats why you have to use the 426 clutch cover casing.

Hmmm, that sucks.  Guess I won't be riding on the weekend then. :thumbsdn: The search continues.

Good luck on the parts hunt , a 450 clutch cover may fit but I'm not sure on that,

You say you have rebuilt it and upgraded to 426 ,I am interested to know if you used a 426 piston or a 450 piston ( same diameter ? )

and are you still using the 400 crank or have you changed that ?


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