What's your last stupid mistake? Here's mine!

Well its not really a mistake that I made, but a mistake my parents made, not using birth control, hahah. Sorry, its late and im very bored, I am sorry.

When I was sixteen man has it been that long? I went riding with a guy from work. We took my suburban and trailer as I pull into the gravel parking lot I make a Uee and think it wont hurt to spin the tires a bit forgetting about the trailer. Yep rolled the trailer right there in the parking lot bikes and all. Broke my bars clean in two. Duct tape and tire irons saved the day. Did I ever get a ration of $h%t from the guys at work.


I was changing the timing on my 00 WR and zip tied the chain to the intake sprocket. When I cut it loose I cut through both sides of the zip tie and the loose piece fell down the cam chain tower. My blood pressure went to the moon! I duct taped a small hose to my shop vac and sucked it out.


1st bike, 1982 kawasaki kx125, big shovel rear fender with built in number plate, single radiator, $100, smokes, bad, new top end, klunk, new top end, klunk, tear down, remove shattered rod bearing, rebuild complete motor, runs, ride, runs not-so-good, take off ignition cover, full of gas, notice main seal spinning freely behind ign. rotor, rip out seal, ride, stop to pick up silencer out of road, tape broken frame back together with medical tape, weld frame, fix silencer, ride, sell.

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Ron, Dude that one takes the cake!!! (I thought I was stupid). Just kidding.

Not a mistake but......

Last week I decided to get me boat out of storage and get her tuned up for the summer, when I got to the storage lot the safety chain nut and bolt assembly was rusted from all the rain that we got in California last season, I looked everywhere for any kind of tool to free the assembly, no luck, thats ok because I only have to drive two miles home with out the safety chain. You can only guess what happends next...........................................................................................the safety pin on the hitch dicided to snap off and the boat goes free away from my truck :) The boat ended up THRASHING my tailgate of my truck. I ended up getting the thing home safe. Man, first the WR gets launched into traffic then the boat takes off on its own. What's next? Good thing I don't own any snowmobiles............ I'de ruin those things too....


My most interesting crash involved my MC trailer and a horse. I tied my wifes horse to the MC trailer to eat geass beside our house. The horse jerked her head and the trailer moved which scared her and she took off knocking me on my ass and the trailer right behind her. I ran to the front yard as she went across the street, between two cars, thru two yards, back across the street just missing a telephone pole, between two more cars and crashed into a fence which threw the horse on the other side of the fence. So the trailer is on one side whit the horse tied to it on the other side and no one was hurt, just a few scratches on the horse and me very embarrassed. The horse could have won the Kentucky derby as fast as she went to get away from the trailer chasing her.

A few years back I was in a bit of a hurry gfetting ready to go ride the Corduroy Enduro and had a bit of a tough time getting the back wheel on the 360 Husky I owned at the time.

Got to the enduro (the last of the two day enduros in North America) and just got in tthe first trail section when the rear wheel jammed up. It just happened that in my haste I got both rear brake pads on the same side of the rotor. Broke the rear caliper housing, bent the rotor and damaged the rear brake hose. Took about $500 worth of parts to make it right again for 10 minutes worth of riding.

Most expensive enduro I ever rode.

Willy Fitz

Married my first wife. Yep, biggest mistake ever!

Well, this probably does not count cuz it´s the worst mistake I ALLMOST made. I purchased a grey market 928 Porsche (gold), and when I got home after the 200 mile trip, all the tie downs had come off of the tires somehow, and I only had to gently PUSH the car off the trailer, how and why I didnt loose that car I will never know. God protects fools I guess.


ive done a few stupid things.

the worst was dropping a screw into my intake, which ended up pinched in the valve..damagaing the head and bending the valve.

I have also forgotten to screw in my oil dipstick, and have been halfway through a ride before i realized that the whole left side of my bike and my left boot is covered in oil that has been pumping out of the dipstick hole.

forgetting which way is 'undo' whilst rejetting my bike, rounded the head on my pilot jet.......blagh

I have 2:

1) In '95 when I bought my 1st dirt bike, I had ZERO experience w/ them, just dove in... I bought a brand new XR600 for me and a xr200 for my wife, the salesman loaded both bikes into our pickup. I watched him use the tie downs to secure the bike.

As I was leaving the parking lot I thought to myself "that front suspension is going to be ruined being collasped like that" :prof:

So I jumped out and loosened the tie downs (a lot). I get on I-5 and head home. As I'm taking the exit I watch my brand new XR600 tipping over :prof:. I was able to gently pull over and in doing so the bike tips over onto the side of the truck and stays! I jump out and the brand new bike it balancing on the side of the pickup. Only damage is a small dent on the pick up bed and the factory exhaust cover on the XR which got replaced with an aftermarket exhaust.

2) Same year I changed the oil in my Toyota Pickup and didn't realize the old oil filter ring was connected to the engine block. I put the new filter on (with 2 rubber rings now), started the truck and went to clean my hands... Luckily no damage to the engine but 4.5 quarts of oil had dumped on to my driveway... :applause::D

God allmighty, where do I begin.............

one of my first posts was "why does everyone say they are getting 1.7 litres of oil out of a 400, when i drain mine i'm only getting about 500 ml?' i had changed the oil twice by then...aha...that little bolt on the frame (first TT help)....thought it was for an aftermarket sump guard.

pulled the dash out of my old car becuase the spedometer and tacho lights werent working, wife said "have you checked fuse?" duh

and many more......

gee this is an old thread, a 5 year gap in it.

Put the trailer on the (wifes) car......

Talk to buddy....

Roll bike up the ramp......

Trailer comes off the hitch ball and smashes the rear end of the car...denting and tearing paint off the trunk and bumper....Bam wack screetch.

Duh, forgot to clamp the hitch on the ball.

Touch up paint and stuck a couple of stickers on it and hoped she would not notice.

I have also forgotten to screw in my oil dipstick, and have been halfway through a ride before i realized that the whole left side of my bike and my left boot is covered in oil that has been pumping out of the dipstick hole.

I did the same thing only on my 426 so the hole is right on top. I had just done an oil change and knew the bike had to be started before checking the level so I figured I'd leave the dipstick out to save time. Bad call by me. :applause: It pumped almost a qt of oil under the front of the tank, all over the engine and skid plate. Being as anal as I am I had to take the tank skid plate off to make sure I got everything good and clean. Longest damn oil change I've ever done!!

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