Glowing header

So just replaced fork seals and thanks for all the pointers by the way. So I hopes on it and took it for a ride but I got to third gear and it was hot I could feel the heat threw my double knee car hearts. Looked down and the header pipe was red. I live in Montana and it was 46 degrees last night. I checked the flow and it was fine. The one thing I know is that even if you start ur bike to see how it sounds before you load it in your truck is check the fluids. I am on top of that. And there was enough fluid in it. Any ideas on why it would happen or what to check for.

Ok so it's normal I have a stock bike exhaust everything. It just doesn't seem good you would think with that much heat it would not be good. Any ideas on what would stop this as I trail ride more than track, and see this as more of a fire danger than anything else. We don't really need that for the hippies to ad to their list of why we should not be aloud to ride the trails. Thanks for the link i did have some similar stories like it ran like shit but if there is something u guys can think of to make it run cooler let me know thanks

It is not that it runs hotter than other motorcycles.  Just the header is thin walled so it heats up faster.  Usually once you get moving it gets airflow over it and goes away.  You should never let it idle more than a minute or so anyway.  They overheat very quick.  Not a Yamaha issue a modern racing 4 stroke issue.

It's normal.  Red heat visible in low light such as a garage at night is around 800 ℉.  Normal exhaust temps are around 1500 ℉.  Your header is only about .040" thick.  It's going to glow if you let it idle long enough (like 60 seconds), but it will not generally even be visible in daylight anyway.


Fix it? Get a heavy walled stainless header and don't let it idle more than 30 seconds. 


Relax.  Tell the hippies to go back to their doobie and shut up.

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