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2007 Yz250f Sight Glass Full When Engine Is Hot!

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Long story short I had to take my oil canister off for some welding, I put it back on and now when the bike is hot the sight glass is full of oil. In 2007 Yamaha messed up and made the correct oil level above the sight glass. But I thought the oil glass should be empty when the bike is running or hot. Its still full and seems like it hasn't moved down. Could this be a pinched hose or something or is this normal? Maybe to much oil? Although I added the correct amount. My theory was that it needed to be ridden and shifted through the gears. The oil was completely drained from the engine. Oil filter was changed, the oil canister was cleaned out and the little mesh filter was cleaned to. The oil also dripped out of the hoses. What im saying is it was as completely drained as it could be. It seems to run and shift fine, but could this mean oil isn't getting to the whole engine? Any fixes or tips?

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