98 YZ400 F parts for sale, Really Cheap, * FREE shipping!

Prices slashed yet again. package deals available, all items must be sold. Thanks to all!


Please buy this stuff...I can't use it, All $ obo, All must go! THANKS.

** Prices cut again, Package deals available...Thanks to all.

Package deals available, All items must be sold, All $ obo. Thanks to all.

Do you still have the cylinder, crank, and transmission set?

What do you have left? I need wheel sets and plastics.


Bill :)

** Prices cut yet again, ALL items must go. Package deals/shipping available. Thanks to all...


good, cheap spares available, prices slashed yet again!! Package deals available.

I need the MUFFLER bearings and blinker fluid if you still have it!!!!!LOLOLOLOLhahahahaha :D:):D:D:D

:) I will trade you a Pigion & Cat poop eating old dog for what ever is left

Unless you have a BullLegged toothless woman in the batch, I will pay good money for that

That was a good one.

I am intersted in the valve cover and a decompression lever rubber boot cover thingy. Please let me know if you still have.

Looking for rear brake arm and from brake cylinder/lever housing. Let me know. nmabbott@hotmail.com

Do you have a list of the parts you have left still that you can email me? Thanks - ryohr@hotmail.com

** FREE SHIPPING ** on all remaining YZ400 parts.

Thanks to All. Peace

Do you have the front wheel.... not complete, just the wheel???? :)


you have p.m.


Is the seat available?

If so, let me know asap!!!



* sold items have been deleted, see list at top for what's left...not much, package deals..? FREE Shipping on all remaing YZ400f parts. Thanks TT'ers, Ya'll da best!

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