Recommendations for Air Filter for XR650-L?

I have a strange XR250, which came stock(!) with the same air filter as the newer XR650-L (no. 17214-MY6-670).

In my home forum (XR250/400) we talk frequently about Gordon's mods, of changing the airfilter to get better airflow, etc.

Q1: Do you guys here @ BRP's home have similar recommendations about this particular air filter?

Q2: How do I clean this filter? (Yes, I'm new to dirt biking, but all the more excited about it!!)

Q2: Is there an aftermarket product that you would recommend?


JungleRider ('96 XR250-Baja)

Just pitch that filter and get an uni filter. :)

I agree, chuck the stock filter and get a UNI. They are inexpensive and the motor can suck in more air. And you can clean it when it gets clogged up. :)

Uni. I have one on the 400 and 650. :)

I fly Uni-air. Is there any other?

And look into the No Toil Oil & cleaner kit. It's waterbased so you can tell all the tree hugging environmentalists your're being a responsible off-roading enthusiast concerned for the welfare of the planet.

Thanks for the input. I'll go UNI.

JungleRider ('96 XR250-Baja)

What about Twin-Air ! :)

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