WR400F restoration help?

Hey there,

I have recently purchased a 1998 wr400f. It is in ok condition and has the usual wear a dirt bike would have. Could anyone help me as to what I should change/replace to make it a good looking and reliable bike. Any help is appreciated!


Wow! that is one very generalised question!

Lets see, replace everything that is dull/scratched with new/blingy items.  There is no limit other than your budget.  I have a 98' WR400 too and the previous owner spent heaps on plastics etc.  ie wr450 headlight, new seat cover, yz400 pipe/side number plates/rear fender, custom graphics and I have just rebuilt it as a 426.  When it's in motard trim with chrome 17" rims with gold talon hubs and a 320mm front disk, no one can pick what it is! 

reliability wise - change the oil and filter/check the valve clearances/if it starts/idles/runs ok then just ride it and enjoy the power!

ps. keep an ear out for a noise in the gearbox, my just ate forth pinion gear, hence the 426 rebuild!

valve clearances before anything else. no point having a blingy bike if its going to drop a valve. Valves are much cheaper than a new head/bottom end.

good call rossonza! mechanicals first, bling later!

Start searching and reading

You question  pretty much requires a book full of information

We don't know what you will understand or are ready for.



Thanks for your help guys. I will get it checked over by a dealer first :)

Thanks for your help guys. I will get it checked over by a dealer first :)


I would strongly recommend that you do not take it to a dealer for anything.

Dealers are skilled in removing bikes from crates, changing oil and tires, and other basic stuff.

You should find a local 'tuner' in your area who works on Yamaha YZ/WR's and have him look it over.

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