Fouling plugs

My bike is a 2000 426, I have always run plugs for at least 25 hrs before changing them. Now all of a sudden they are fouling about every 4 hours. Whats going on? I have made no changes to the carb. Weather a little colder, maybe?

buddy i am haveing the same problem

I was having the same thing happen to me until I cleaned the carb thoroughly. I had some gas go bad and gel up in the carb. Second, I added a J.D. jetting kit and haven't had a fouled plug since.

i have a shop go though my shit every year and they still cant find out but they love the bike

just getting back into riding bought a 426 01 was hard to sart at first than fouled the plug after 10hrs put a ngk 1275 cr8e plug in it starts after 3 to 4 kicks cold ever time this plug has about 8hrs on it

dirty fuel or just old fuel, try to leave the bike tank empty between rides, full with fresh premium and clean air filter, also ensure air filter not over oiled.if youve got a large can of fuel donate to lawn mower:cry: i had this exact issue but all fixed now thats all it was:ride:

I was just curious how this old post from 2002 was regenerated?:worthy:

I was just curious how this old post from 2002 was regenerated?:worthy:

I have no idea. But while we're at it.....did you ever get your bike fixed?

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