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DR250 RX Djebel (SJ45A) Clutch Cable Needed In The UK

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Hi all, I'm new to the site but have visited before. Anyhow. I've had my DR250 Djebel (2000 reg) for a few years now and I can't fault it. Mine is the GPS version with the Japanese sat nav (I've took that off, naturally) Which I believe is technically a DR250RX. Now, it's a superb bike but it's come to a halt because the clutch cable has broken, well the nipple has come off each end of the cable itself actually. Anyhow, I need a new cable, but as it's a Jap import it's a pain in the ar5e to get parts for! I used to work at a motorbike shop and even our supplier (Robinsons foundry) struggled to pinpoint the bike as the chassis number, SJ45A, didn't tally up to anything. Fact of the matter is I need a clutch cable to get me back on the lanes. If anyone can give me a part number, or contact to get one from it'd be gratefully appreciated, and if I meet you on a lane i'll take you to the nearest pub & get you a beer! So far, I've found part number 58200-13E10 OR 58200-13E03. I don't really want to order one and it be wrong, and have a nightmare sending it back.


Hopefully I'll be on here a bit, so i'll get looking through the forum. I'm in Lincolnshire near Grimsby if there's any other fellow green-laners nearby?



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