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cr250 jetting between turbinecore and r304 shorty

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so when trail riding i run an fmf turbinecore 2 on my 2005 cr250 and when racing have a pro circuit r304 shorty. with my current jetting, the bike wont rev out with the turbinecore 2, but if i just swap over to the r304 shorty, the bike revs out waaaay more. i was able to get the turbinecore 2 to rev out better with a leaner main jet, but im afraid of going too lean with the main and doing some damage. the same jetting on the r304 shorty ran like a dream. so with a longer silencer, does the bike just need less fuel to rev higher? (better engine vacuum and/or scavenging?) with the the turbinecore 2 the bike gives off the typical sound of a rich main jet. what about the different silencer lengths affects the bikes jetting?

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