Enduro YZF

Does any one race enduro on their yzf, i am 16 and i bought a 2001 yz426. and it seems that racing motorcross is pretty hard when your 150lbs trying to horse the blue beast around the track, but i also race enduros, and have found that a yzf with a large gas tank and fly wheel weights is devastating to conventional "enduro bike" competiton.

I race enduros on my 426 as well. I raced 4 enduros last year with pretty decent results. Did you have a question about enduros and the 426 or just making comments?


I also race enduros on my 01 yz426, i rode the district 36 series this year in A class, and i ended up 2nd in the open class. If you plan on riding in the same district 36 series you will need a big tank and a flywheel weight, don't get the one that you have to epoxy on, get the one that replaces the stock flywheel, it is more expensive though. Lowering the gears are another big help i found out, since the bike revs so high the thing still screams on the top end.

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