Best upgrade for cooling system

Wondering what would be the best cooling system upgrade(s) for my YZ, because I mostly ride in the desert and now it's getting hotter. I already have Engine Ice coolant, and might get a higher pressure rad. cap. I'm thinking about a Boyesen supercooler kit and/or bigger radiators. What will be the most effective? Do these upgrades work good together?

I dont really want a radiator fan. How good are the mishimoto radiators?

Also, are there any carbon fiber/higher pressure radiator caps for the YZ450? Like this doesn't say what bikes it fits...

Both the supercooler kit and oversized rads work awesome together. I used this combo with a set of fluidyne oversized radiators and they did extremely well for cooling my big bore woods bike. I would start by upgrading the water pump since its cheaper than buying new radiators.

I also recommend the Fluidyne oversize radiators if you decide to go that direction. I put them on my YZ426 and noticed a big difference in hotter riding conditions. I'm currently running a stock water pump with Engine Ice coolant.

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