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Problem starting, timing?

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Hi all,

Background. Im new to 2strokes so picked up a non running kx250 86 frame with what I believe is 87 engine.. to learn on..

Problem. So far I have been tinkering with it and sorting a few issues like a slipping kick, carb clean etc (still lots to do!) and now im trying to get its heart going! Its got fuel, compression and spark (new plug) but won't fire its got an almighty backfire! ! Which is making me think its something to do with timing?? I have tried to look around but can't find what im looking for..

Ill get a pic up of my flywheel area to show what im talking about but if were to loosen the alan keys around it, it doesn't look like I'd be able to rotate anying..?

Any help much appreciated. Thanks!

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