2014 wr450f

The 2014 wr450f has got my attention to become a stable mate to my yz250 woods machine. In the past ive heard that the wr is a heavy, and large feeling machine but the 14 looks awesome and I'm curious to how it performs. I want an aggressive woods ready 4 stroke but don't really wanna have to go orange to get that. I don't mind doing some removal of undesirables and uncorking but I also don't want to spend that money on an xr400 if you know what I mean. Is the wr a good candidate for me or am I stuck looking at an xcf

I just got one.. I removed the snorkel, the restricter, replaced the throttle screw. (All free mods) then I bought the GYTR comp ECU (89$) and the programmer (180$)

Admittedly the bike off the showroom floor feels slightly sluggish but that seems to be par for the course with The WR yamaha's. With these mods the bike at least in my mind feels right.. Would highly recommend buying the bike.. But if you do I would also highly recommend doing these mods.

So on paper, the old & new WRs are within a pound or so of the same weight. So picking it up off the ground will feel no different. That's where the similarities end though. The new WR feels much slimmer and compact, my WR is narrower at the knees than my buddy's Husky WR125 smoker! It certainly doesn't feel as light whipping it around, but physically it is a small bike, as it is essentially a YZF250 with the WR450 motor shoved in it.


Handling-wise the new WR feels way lighter than the old model. You won't mistake it for a 250F, but does feel much lighter. I have a buddy that recently went from an 03 to 12 WR450, and his butt-scale (similar to the butt-dyno :) ) feels it's 35 lbs lighter. It's a huge improvement over the old model, but it is not as light a say a KTM 450 nor will it feel that light.

^ agreed!

The KTM 450XC-w is 28 pounds lighter dry, weighing in at 245 lbs. The WR450 is 273 lbs. I own a WR, have ridden a KTM and am much more comfortable on the WR. I'm going to shave a few pounds off it by getting rid of the coolant tank out back, lighter battery and maybe a diet for myself!! haha There's probably more weight savings to be found.


 As far as I know I will be one of very few using this as a race bike in the CMRC Alberta cross country/Hare scramble series. I just like showing people KTM isn't the only bush bike. So far the electric start is kind of iffy on the WR, a few guys have given me some advice on getting that sorted. I don't think you'll regret the purchase.

I race a WR450 (2013) model and the thing is great. Just raced it last weekend in a district 22 harescramble and finished 3rd overall in B. I have the usual mods done with the FMF silencer. 


Bike is really dependable and from what i've read the motor is pretty long lasting if you take care of it. The only complaint i have is the front end feels a bit heavy and likes to push once in a while. But, when you need the power it has more than you will ever want/need. For the really rough stuff, i had to setup the suspension for me as i felt it was a bit too stiff. 


I thought the weight was 273 wet?? I rode the KTM 450 XC-W when deciding to buy a new woods machine and to me they felt about the same. The KTM won out based on the front end, but i didn't want to deal with a shady dealership so ended up buying the WR. 

There is 12 lbs difference in the dry weight between the two bikes (Wr being the heavier one). I haven't rode a 450 xcw but did ride the 500 and to be honest I can't say the 12 lbs was even noticeable. Both bikes are good out of the box but the KTM will be a little better in the motor department (power wise) and have a little softer suspension. For a race application both bikes will require some suspension tuning as they are both to soft but the Wr's suspension will have better bottoming resistance. In addition as mentioned above, the Wr will need a pipe, ECU and programmer. Both bikes to me feel very similar in size and handling but the KTM does get a little more busy through rocky conditions than the Wr. IMO, the Wr is a better package based on the suspension and proven motor.

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