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One bike or two - Woods and Motocross

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I have a '13 KX450F that is sweet for motocross.  I also happen to live really close to lots of great woods riding.  The '13 KX450F is a bitch in the woods and after a long ride I feel like I'm going to get the flu from over exerting myself.  I have a $4,500 budget to make some improvements.


Option 1: Dump money into the KX450F:

Rekluse - $900

Revalve - $700

Heavy Flywheel - $129


Option 2: Buy a second bike:

2007-2008 CRF250X - Around $3,500




I'm interested to hear people's pros and cons.  I love riding MX but the track is an hour and a half away.  I have hours and hours of trail 15 minutes from my house.  When it comes to trail riding the really technical rooty/rocky enduroX style stuff appeals to me the most and it's the type of stuff I'd like to ride.


Some background: Most people say I'm a class C rider.  I'm very new to this sport, here is a video for background on my MX riding:





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There are a lot of advantages to having two bikes. Downtime is first among them if you don't want to be stuck at home occasionally waiting on parts.

I chose CRF250 and 450Rs as my bikes since R and X suspensions interchange for an easy transition from woods to track. I have custom-valved sets now but that was the initial impetus. I have owned the CRF250X and found it to be a heavy pig compared to the 250R, good for slower pace/older riders unless fairly extensively modified for lightness and power.


You can still purchase a spare set of KX forks and shock on ebay for revalving. Swapping is really easy.

The FWW and Rekluse are gingerbread, unnecessary for woods or track, works fine on either equally though.


Your BY FAR most economical choice is a revalved, second suspension for your KX and all the extras you'd like.


A second bike will give you more ability to ride often but for a lot more money spent.




2005 to current CRFs (250R/X CRF450R/X) are all good bikes and standard for years afterward. No reason to start looking at 2007 if you choose to go that route. Stay away from 2004 and under, they had design flaws and oddities.

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You will have to compromise if you use one bike for both, I race off road and enduro/harescramble and tried to use 1 bike for both and you never get the best out of the bike for both and its a lot of work and downtime

The gap between woods and motocross is even bigger if you want the best out of the bike, the ultimate is 2 bikes, one for each application

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