2014 yz450 stock bars?

Does anyone know what bars come stock on these bikes? I am trying to order a new set of enduro engineering hand guards could not remember which they came with.

YZ handlebars are proprietary bends (nobody lists them in the aftermarket).  The closest thing would be on the order of a "YZ" or "YZ Low" bend, if anyone has that.  Over the last few years, they have been sourced from Pro Taper, but you won't find them in their catalog.

I'm sure the bend is specific but was just curious if they were fat bars or pro tapers or what. Anyone have experience with enduro engineering. Are they worth the coin for the hand guards.

Thanks for the help grayracer.

The bars are 1 1/8 at the clamp, standard 7/8 at the grips.


Haven't seen the EE hand guards.  I'm running Cycra Pro Bends

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