melted riding pants

hi guys just wondering if any one has some idaes on how to stop melting my rideing pants on my header pipe wile im out rideing,im running an fmf header pipe on my 2000 yzf426 so it is easer to do filter changes and ideas would be great cheeres

If you get pants that go inside your boots you can avoid that problem.

I am assuming you are running an aftermarket pipe...???

I am trying to use my stock header pipe heat shield to stick on my FMF Power Bomb header.

I toasted my new Sinisalo's on my header pipe as well.

Someone on the WR site mentioned a "universal" header heat shield he purchassed.

This may be viewed harder to do than say, fabricating a heat shield by some but...

My son had the same problem with an aftermarket pipe on his TTR. Instead of trying to fab a heat shield for the pipe, I got some thermal wrap (the stuff sold to wrap car headers) and sewed it to the section of pant leg that was contacting the header. Maybe not considered stylish by some, but effective. Keep in mind that the thermal wrap I got came in a large sheet, not the rolled stuff. If you go this route you may need to let the wife (or mother) for some of you younger guys

advise on how to work with this stuff. Maybe you could even get them to do it for you. Obviously, mine didn't think this important enough to warrant any more involvement than helpful advise!

Familliar problem for 4 strokers! The new Thor Core4 and the Moose XCR pants both have leather patches on the inside of the legs for just this purpose. The XCR pants are some of the best I have ever seen.

the easiest way to solve problem is bring them to cleaners and have leather patch sewn on area that gets burned.i finally got tried of ruining my pants and had it done.its cheap my cleaners only charged me $15 for each pair of pants.

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