99 wr400 carb upgrade

I'm looking to upgrade the stock carb on my wr. I've read about an edelbrock but I can't for the life of me find a model for it. All I can find is edelbrock pumper referenced.

Also I've read a wr426 carb is a good swap to avoid the slide fracturing. How do you tell the difference in the fc 1 and fc2



Edelbrocks are OK "when they work", but there is no specific model built to replace the FCR on your bike.  The best upgrade is to an '05 or later YZ450 carb.  These require the bar mounted cable hot start set up, but if you have at least the hot start plunger (with seal), spring, and cable stop nut, you can install that and use the hot start from the 400. 


The 426 carbs are also good, and in a pinch, a carb from a CRF or KXF 450 can be used.  Either of these will need rejetting, and some of them are a larger bore size (41mm vs. 39), so look for that, too.

Edlebrock carbs are made of inferior metals and will begin corroding itself to death in a couple of years.

As a person who got tired of cleaning plugged pilot jets, replacing broken slides and retrieving slide parts out of the head, I changed to an Edelbrock carb years ago.  There is a specific replacement pumper carb from Edelbrock for the WR, talk to Mike at BRP (800-834-0363).  I would never go back to a finicky FCR of any year.  The newer ones just got more complicated with more adjustments to get screwed up.  The Edelbrock is easy to tune, no tools required and you can do it on the trail if needed.  Once you get it dialed in(which took me about an hour) it stays that way.  The only complaint I have is an occasional sticking float needle (sticks closed after sitting a long time)  I fixed that with a clip on the needle that lets the float pull the needle open.  

As for the Edelbrocks being made of inferior metal, I have not seen that problem over several years of use - BTW, I live on the beach in Mexico - a highly corrosive environment.  The final straw with my FCR was corrosion in the small internal passages that couldn't be cleaned out.  Try the Edelbrock, I think you'll like it.

Thanks for the reply's guys, appreciate it.


Any ideas on the mode number at all? im in the UK so a US contact may not be the cheapest way for me to locate one.

Thanks again


I won't be back to my home in Mexico where the bike is for a couple more weeks.  I'll try to tae a look at the model # then.  BRP will ship to UK no problem.  Shoot them an email, I don't think they list the carbs in the catalog


Thanks again dude, I've emailed the company but had no reply yet. If they dont get back to me please post up what you can, im in no rush currently.

I simply bought a second hand YZ 450 (2005) carb of ebay.co.uk. Reasonable priced, at least compared to what they cost in Sweden where I live! I also upgraded to the YZ/WR450 hot start handle (used of ebay) and removed the 400 hot start.


Have a look at ebay UK if there are any carbs available now!

  There is a specific replacement pumper carb from Edelbrock for the WR, talk to Mike at BRP (800-834-0363).  


What can I expect to pay for a new Edelbrock? I'm in California, and I'm looking at (2) used 400's for sale in my area. 

Hmmmm....  It appears that Edelbrock has stopped selling dirt bike carbs.  They still make carbs for Harleys.  Too bad.

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