2014 YZ450 Works Connection

Here's all the Works Connection goodies I put on my new scooter! Their stuff is amazing, don't waist your money on anything else.






Would that be Roseville, CA? If so, that's one of the coolest dealerships I've ever been to - my brother lives right by there.

I like that skid plate. WC is where it's at for a lot of stuff - can't go wrong. Nice bike.

Thx. Its is Roseville Yamaha, place is amazing! Works Connection is close as well. I worked at WC for five years in the 90s. WC is top shelf!


I have the WC skid plate. Good stuff. Not sure of the need for those rear brake guards though.

What is the name/ model of that skid plate? And how much was it? It looks really good!

Check out cycra's new one for the 14 also looks really nice

Its their extended skid plate. Retails for $139.95 and tucks in nice and close to the engine without rubbing. WWW.worksconnection.com

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