Question about bleeding rear break, and oil question 06 yz450f

Hi everyone, i just picked up a 06 yz450f last week and all week i been having some new stuff coming in (tires, bars, etc. While i had the bike apart i look it down to clean it really good and took the brake line off the rear caliper. Well i was not thinking when i went to put the swing arm bolt back in and pushed down on the rear break foot lever. 


I have tried and tried to bleed the air out of the brakes. I have also filled the reservoir back up to make sure its not empty.While i have the bleeder screw open im pumping the foot lever but no fluid is coming out. Any ideas on why i cant get no fluid to come out?



And for my second question what do people recommend for oil Full synthetic? semi? Conventional? what brand? 



Had same problem. Pump up pedal and instead of bleeding at the rear bleeder do it on the banjo bolt on the master cylinder. I

The reservoir is the master cylinder right?

Pull the caliper off (keep something between the pads)

Unloop the hose

Raise the caliper so the bleed screw is truly the highest point

Then proceed with normal bleeding process

If you have friends it will be easier

Trust me, banjo bolt!!

Go to harbour freight and get yourself a vacuum bleeder. Cost around $20 for a decent one and will save you time and aggregation.

Did ya get it?

Did ya get it?

Yes and no, My yzf master come to find out has a very small crack in the master cylinder cap allowing air in (weird how it just started affecting it after i allowed air in..but anyways) we were able to mount a old 90's honda master cylinder on no problem and it worked just fine so im running that until my new cap gets in.

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