Mounting odometer like Trail Tech Vapor on YZ450?

Anyone have an odometer or speedometer mounted on their bar clamp area? I need to get a stabilizer mount and I'm not sure what to get so I can fit a Vapor type odo too. Like to see some pics if you have them. I'm looking for ideas.

Interested in seeing where this goes myself.  Just the other day I was perusing amazon and the vapor popped up as a suggested item and that got me to thinking this very idea.  Although I ride MX exclusively, it has some features which would be handy like engine temp, ambient temp and of course the maintenance upkeep as well.  I have an hour meter but that thing (the Vapor) has that and much more.

I have vapor on my dr 650. It come with a plastic bar mount. Or you can get an aluminum mount that bolts to the top clamp

I have vapor on my dr 650. It come with a plastic bar mount. Or you can get an aluminum mount that bolts to the top clamp

Yeah but does it fit with a Scott's stabilizer Sub Mount?

Don't know. But the plastic mount should work. Go to ebay and look at some of the pictures of the mounts. I've even seen one mounted in a bar pad. That was pretty cool.

Yeah that is what I'm looking for. I can't use the one that mounts the Vapor forward of the bar mount bc of the YZ number plate and the brake line gets hung up on it when the forks compress heavily. Did you just search for "trail tech vapor bar pad mount"?

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Ok, I didn't find the bar pad mount set up. However, I just got off the phone with Trail Tech. Awesome customer service from them. We took some measurements of the Vapor itself and the screws coming out the back of it, plus my clamp top surface to handle bar distance. It's about 7mm. I'm going to try and fabricate a 1/8 Aluminum plate that I will mount on top of the bar clamp using the 4 existing bolt holes. Then mount just the Vapor itself to that plate, just like mounting to their Billet Protector. It will be counter sunk flush with the top of the bar pad. I will need to trim out the center of the bar pad. The only potential issue that I see is that the heads of the two screws that go into the back of the Vapor might come close to hitting the handlebar underneath. If I can't grind enough off the heads to get clearance, then hopefully I can find some screws here locally at the bolt shop that are have smaller/flatter heads.

What do ya'll think?

Sorry man. The one I saw was custom and done pretty much the way your going to do it. Looked real good recessed in the bar pad. I think I saw it on

I have a Vapor on my 06 and I got a triple clamp mount they sell but it was the wrong one so I just put a piece of 1/2" aluminum on the trail tech mount and that worked. I can get pics if you need them later.

Yeah sure pics would be great if it isn't that much trouble for you.

Here you go.





Thanks man. What is all that stuff behind your number plate? You have a DS kit on your YZ? My 09 number plate bolts to the top of the triple clamp and is flat, not bowed or curved like yours. I don't have any of the room you seem to have. That looks the way my WR looks with it's odometer. If I mounted the Vapor in that way on my YZ it would hang out over the front number plate and the brake line would get hung up on it when the front end gets compressed all the way down. My Vapor should be in Friday, but I have an Enduro this weekend, so Monday I will start messing with the odo.

I have a light on so I guess that's why it worked like that. I forgot that the number plate doesn't sit that far forward.

Here's an idea. I see this add pn here every once in while for a bar pad with a pocket pn topwith a clear panel. I think it's called hero or something like that. It's made to put a iphone in. That may work for you.

That sounds like something that could work. What does "pn" stand for? When you say "here" you mean on ThumperTalk or where you live?

It's a "fat finger typo".  Look at what's next to "p" on your keyboard and you'll figure it out. ;)

Ha! I see now.

Yeah fat fingers on a smart phone = pn lol and as im typing this I see the ad is at the bottom of the page. It's called the smart pad made by hole shot. Oh and im using the tt app. Not sure if these adds show up on the reg. tt site.

No, it is this link here:

Thanks Seacraft, that looks cool. I wouldn't even need to mount it. Just drill a hole for the sensor wire through the middle and shazam all done.

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