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Is this normal?

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I have an 89 RM125, here is a little history on it.  I bought it new in October of 88, I was the first around here to have the new design. I raced it only a half a season and after that the bike sits for long periods of time between rides. I still have the bike and love it to death, recently I took it out after sitting for about 10 years and went over the bike to get it ready for some moto as my nephew now has a bike.


Here is the question: after sitting, when I start the bike and after it is warmed up I have to get the bike rolling and hop on, then put it in gear (otherwise it will just stall like I never pulled the clutch lever in). I will continue riding to the trail with the clutch lever pulled in (blipping the throttle here and there to help jar it loose) and eventually it will disengage and it's fine for the rest of the day. It does this as far back as I can remember although I can't remember if it did this when it was new, I'd have to say no, since I'm sure I'd remember if my brand new pride and joy had clutch sticking issues strait out of the box.


Once it pops loose the clutch is awesome and use it alot because my riding style seems to require frequent clutch fanning in sandy berms.


So is this normal for an older bike? Does anyone else have to start off without the clutch disengaging until it's warm?


I would say the basket and hub are not grooved since the clutch performance is great after it unsticks, cable is adgusted correctly for the same reason. Using the recommended "good quality 20w40 oil. Any suggestions on a cure?


Also, it has a one piece clutch cover so it's a pain to look inside to inspect. I'm currently trying to figure out if I can retrofit a newer 2 piece clutch cover for easier inspections.



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