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Honda XL350R (1984) carb problem above half-throttle

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Last year I disassembled and separated my twin carbs to clean everything and see what jets the previous owner had in there. Although I wrote all this down, I don't have the info here right now. I machined a U-shaped jig to carefully adjust the float levels, which were not too far from spec. After carefully cleaning and reassembling everything (which went fine), I am having a problem with bogging when I open the throttle more than half-way. The bike runs great below half throttle. In searching this and other forums, I have seen people describe this problem, but not for my bike, and none of the posts had a definitive answer. So here are my questions:

1.) I understand that the second carb (on the right side as you sit on the bike) is the dominant carb above half throttle. Is this correct? If so, can I therefore isolate my problem to the right carb?

2.) We'll talk about dirty jets/carbs later. But assuming that a dirty carb/jet is NOT my problem, would it be possible that the problem is due to something being reassembled incorrectly? In other words, would the low-end work as well as it does if there were an assembly mistake on my part?

3.) Now let's talk about dirt. I think one of the other posts (not necessarily in this forum) in response to a similar symptom said that the problem is almost certainly a dirty jet. I plan to pull off the carbs tonight. Do you all agree with this as the explanation? If so, which specific jet should I focus on?


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