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XL600LM rescue

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This is a repost as I think I put it in the wrong place before, oops.


Hello everyone, 

First post on this site, have been looking around here for a while and got loads of help from previous posts, great wealth of info especially when you live in the back of nowhere etc etc


Living in Thailand and have erm inherited (ish) an 86 XL600LM. Looking to get it into shape and have limited sources for parts out here.

Just basic maintenance and general strip,clean, paint etc.


The main problem is that the piston is slapping (valves are good) and she's burning oil. So I figured to get a new piston and rings as a start.


I cannot source an original piston for an LM and would like to re-bore the cylinder as I can imagine it will be damaged.


So my questions are:


1) the xl600lm has a 97bore and 85stroke right?

2) can I use a xl600r piston and re-bore the cylinder?

3) or should/can I use an XR600 piston?

4) is there another option?


Many thanks in advance for any help, I hope to be jungle bashing soon!


Cheers, Will

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Repost this in the XR/XL600/650 forum..People over there know more about this sort of thing and your options.

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