Rock Crawling with a WR450F - Clayton, OK?

Some friends and I just got back from Clayton, OK and one of them is thinking he should sell his KLR650 due to it's weight and go with a WR450F or WR250F. Since I was feeling a little under the weather, I did not join them on the trails that were very technical and involved some rock climbing, so I did not get to see how my new WR250F would have performed, but I'm sure it would have done fine (the WR250F did wonderful on the faster trails that were semi-technical and included many creek crossings). However, my KLR buddy use to be a state champ in cross country racing (many moons ago) and I'm thinking the extra power and torque of the 450 would suite him better than the 250 for technical riding.

What are your thoughts???

I'll post a similiar message on the 250 site.



Krum, TX

If the 250 is geared right it will be easier in the nasty rocks. I believe the stock WR250 has a lower first gear than the WR450.

You wanna climb rocks? Get a trials bike....they climb rocks.


04 CRF450

04 GG trials

72 Z50

yes he would like the 450 better, 250 is great but after short time would want the extra power of the 450.

A former state champ trail riding a KLR650 in OK????

Masochism is obviously alive and well.

Ride fast - take chances


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