Oil filter

If anyone is able to help me out, it would be much appreciated!

I do not know where the oil filter on my yz400f/wr400f is placed. If some one could help me out by telling me where or even taking pictures next time they change their oil filter, it would be greatly appreciated!


Stay safe

ThumperTalk is my new bestfriend! New to the dirt bike scene

hi, welcome. first off to you original post im sure there are plenty of vids of there showing how the change the oil filter aka where it is. Second i suggest you get a bike specific manual apap. being new you are bound to need to know how to do, well everything and before TT people actually read the manual sometimes even twice. Its a great investment with all the little answers you need. including very detailed parts diagrams and most how to instructions covering basic care.


Will also save a buch of cash not have to go to a dealer or mechanic for smaller easy repairs.

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theres also lots of good info in the common threads link pinned up at the top.

Thanks everyone for the help. I will be getting a manual shortly

ThumperTalk is my new bestfriend! New to the dirt bike scene

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