CRF hot start lever for YZF comp release?

I haven't had a chance to check this out, but does anyone know if the the hot start lever on the CRF will work as a compression release lever for the YZF? The CRF clutch and hot start lever share the same perch, right?

there is one at i had wondered about this too. it could make some room on the bars for other things. DRD should make a compression release button to mirror his hot start. i would buy one.

I had the one from worksconnection on my YZ400. It was great, never got broken. A little spendy for the perch with the quick adjuster and compresion release lever, but it was worth it.

The combo clutch/comp lever from the XR650R works quite well. Flanders makes a replica that is way cheaper than the Honda oem stuff.

Ive got one of those works connections units, its sweet. Uglyness at all time low on the clutch side of the bars, but that dubach hot start button is bitchen, expensive as h$%^, but it only money right? :)

Yeah, i saw the Works Connection unit but IMO it is way too much $$. I'll probably break it anyway. The DRD hot start gizmo that bolts to the brake perch is not for the 400's carb. So I'm studing my options. I had a Moose perch with on the fly adjuster, looked just like the Works Connection (one lever and needle bearings) at a fraction of the cost. I really liked it till it broke in a crash yesterday. The XR650 has the dual lever on one perch setup?

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