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97 cr250 rebuild

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I finished my 95 cr125 rebuild so I started into my 97 250 yesterday. First order on business was to figure out why I only had 1 and 2 gear. So I split the cases and this is what I found...


Seems some cast aluminum made it's way to the shift drum and gummed up the works, there is a JB weld repair on the right case at the kick start hub so I figure a chunk of casing broke off and worked it's way down to the shift drum, turning to dust and fragments along the way. Gears, shift forks and drum are all good.

Also the piston was cracked, good catch before it shattered....


Planned for the bike...killer woods bike for under 3k...

I have a bunch of parts on order, I'll update as the bike progresses...

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Ok!! Finally some progress. Suspension parts showed up. Pressed out and in new swingarm and linkage bearing, they where really bad, right side swing arm bearing had no needles and most others where dry and rusty. All good now...

I got new fork seals as well, but I never done them before so I'm holding off until I feel comfortable tackling that job. New rear tire and top end kit should be in tomorrow. Can't wait to get the engine in...more to come



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Ok, new piston kit arrive, new rear tire on, plastics sorted out for now. I found a crack in the subframe so it is getting repaired ether today or tomorrow....still waiting on a bloody gasket kit I ordered on eBay before I can assemble the motor. The weather is perfect for riding and I'm waiting on gaskets. Urg. I've been goon riding my wife's kx80 to ease the pain of not riding the 250. Not the same though. All new grips, levers, cables and wheel bearings as well,


Wife's kx80, she looks rough but has a new piston and has decent power


So close.....

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Is this bike gonna be mainly for mx or trails or both

Recreational brapping!! Trails and old FSRs mostly, might hit up the local MX track now and then. I'm gonna start a xr250 adventure-ish build when this bike is done.

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Good deal. Would you ever do a 500 rebuild/restore

Maybe, not many places around here to take full advantage of that power, it would be cool to own one though. 2 strokes are like guns, I want one in every calibre.

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Well I'm still waiting on the gasket kit....FML!!

Last time I try to save $10 dollars buying on eBay...I bought a gasket kit from a more local source, should be here soon...my wife found me the other day sitting on the bike in the shed making pitiful "brap, brap" noises...

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I got the motor together today

Case gasket...


Pressing cases together....


Whoops forgot this a-hole, I squeezed it in, it would suck to have to split the cases to get this in...


Bolting on auxiliaries


Clutch and cover on...


Stator and front sprocket on...


Top end together, sorry about the blurry pic


Complete for now....I'm going to finish the bike tomorrow and hopefully start her up...stay tuned!!



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Awesome. Dont even sleep tonight, just stay up in the garage wrenching

I thought about it but I had a half day at work today so I had some time...

Ready to go in




Had a leaky Petcock o ring so I headed to the parts store, saw this sweet rig


All done for tonight, it runs good, I'll do the chain and case saver tomorrow morning, brapping by lunch!!!


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Build sheet so far...

97 cr250, fist year AF

New OEM crank

New weisco piston

Honed fresh cylinder

FMF gnarly

fMF shorty

OEM reeds

Stock carb and jetting, pilot might be lean, we will see when I ride it

Twin air filter

New plug

New friction disks


New pivot works linkage, swing arm, front/rear wheel bearings

Refurbished stem bearings

New rental grips, throttle tube

New clutch and throttle cable

Fork seals and oil change

Rear tire, off brand, we will see how that goes

Today's to do list....

All the plastics hardware is mismatched, I'm going to pick up a butt load of bolts today to finish the body work off

Clean and install chain

Break in and oil changes, tweaks as necessary

Mods after the season...

Top end rebuild

New Plastics,

Wheels and hubs,


Chain sprockets

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