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Brembo clutch master/slave cylinder

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Hey guys, I hope some of you can help me on this.


Bike: 2011 250sxf 


I noticed 2nd last time I rode the clutch lever seemed to loose its bite point?? At the start of the day I never really noticed, but after a coupe of hours I had to nearly completely pull the lever for the clutch to work as it should.


So after reading up that evening I decided there was probably some air in the line and decided to take the slave cylinder off and press the piston in a few times and sure enough there were a couple of small bubbles.


However whilst the slave was off I noticed on the rubber cover thing around the outside of the piston has a small piece missing? I have no idea if this matters or if it might somehow be letting air in?? Or in fact leaking fluid out into the engine?? So I put everything back together and topped up the master cylinder.


Now I have another problem!!! After riding midweek I noticed again the clutch seemed OK but after a little track time it wasn't performing 100% like before. When I flipped the cover off the master cylinder to see if the level had dropped (suspecting a leak? or air again) the rubber diaphragm had gone mental and totally lost its shape!! Almost instantly I realised what Id done, I'd put my sons Magura clutch fluid in, instead of the Dot4!! Doh! 


So now I'm in a pickle, the rubber diaphragm is now so badly misshaped its not sealing properly when the cover is screwed on, also it now has a small hole where the fluid has melted it. 


Question 1: Should I still go ride tomorrow and hope for the best? Will the clutch still function with this damaged diaphragm? Is there a trick I could use to get me through the day without causing further damage?


Question 2: The piece missing from the slave cylinder piston rubber boot thing do I need to worry about this? Or am I now facing a full clutch rebuild?


Cheers fellas





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Think you will loose your clutch if you ride it , I would drain it and rebuild the master and slave cylinders

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