Rekluse Issues WR450

I installed the Z start pro model into my 07 wr450f. The install was a breeze and after the initial break in I couldn't be happier. I rode 40miles without an issue. Then the following day 20 minutes into an enduro the clutch began slipping excessively to the point that the bike was unridable. I tore it down at home to find a burnt out clutch. I replaced the friction plates and doubled checked my work and even used Rotella T 15w40 as recommended by rekluse. Today Ive been riding it on the street and the issues are as follows.


1. Idle has to be set very low or else I cannot shift between gears

2. There is no manual clutch over ride whatsoever 


Im at a loss as to what the problem is. Any help would be great. 

Whats up man,


I just installed one of the exp 3.0 in my kawi, and im sure its a lil dif setup then what you got, but is your free play set correctly on your clutch lever?

Have you considered contacting Rekluse and asking them?

Have you considered contacting Rekluse and asking them?

Call Rekluse as they will walk you through step by step. Whether the issue is on your end or theirs they will find it. Good guys over there and very knowledgeable of their product. I've used the Pro version on several bikes and never had an issue.

There are two critically important adjustments on the Z-Start Pro.  One is the installed gap.  Too small, and the clutch will not release properly.  Too large, and the clutch can't clamp itself tight enough to avoid slippage.


The other is the lever free play.  This has to be set with the engine running and the RPM raised above the engagement point of the the clutch.  With the RPM raised, you should have 3/8 of play at the lever.  Too little, you'll cause the clutch to slip.

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