IMS fuel line routing

I just read the acerbis tank topic and received some very useful information. The only petcock I have on my IMS is on the right side. I put on a beefier fuel line and routed it up around the front, just behind the steering stem and back to the carb because the only nipple on the petcock is on the right side and I didn't want to kink it by going straight to the carb from there. Anyway, I just rode with it for the first time and it did fine except for one spell where, for about five minutes, I would start it and it would not run. Over and over it would start right up but die before I could even get the kick start folded away. Sounds like a fuel delivery problem to me. Any suggestions???

I don't know why some people are having trouble with this. I have a WR400 that is now my practice bike with a IMS tank on it with the right side petcock. Mine mounts fine, with the fact that the shut off valve is facing the engine but the nipple is facing the carb. I leave it on reserve all the time anyways because I always filled up at the halfway point in a GNCC. Maybe a stock 2000 WR400 petcock is different than a YZ400 petcock. I asume most of u guys have a YZ and want a biggy tank. Try calling a dealer to see if the part numbers are the same.

I just picked up the Ty davis Tank 4.0 gal, with dual petcocks, I thought I was going to have the same prob. about the head pipe heating up the fuel line, talked to the guys at ZIPTY racing and they told me to zip it to the oil line from the head, and of course route it between the carb and the head, what I did for extra protection, is take the black sleeve off the intitial fuel line and place it on the header side fuel line and I didnt have any probs! Lets hope it stays that way... :)

i have ims tank.i tried routing gas line 3 or 4 different ways and never had problem with gas flow to carb inlet.the problem i had was headpipe heating fuel.i have wb tapered headpipe and it is extremly close to petcock.not much i could due about it except insulating fuel line.

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